Saman Paya Ideh Co.

Saman Paya Ideh (SPI) Company is the official and exclusive representative of Spirax Sarco Ltd in Iran. SPI provides all the products, services and expertise you need to make the best investments in building and optimizing your steam or industrial process plant.

Through our technical support, expertise and services, we'll work with you to identify, design and implement improvements to your steam system and then help you to maintain the resulting system efficiency gains.

SPI has many years of expertise and experience in providing the following services to  general industries:

   Consultation on the production, distribution and consumption of steam systems

  • Engineering design and drawings of steam distribution & condensate return systems

  • Engineering site visits and troubleshooting of steam and condensate systems, to provide

    solutions to problems present in existing systems

  • Optimization of steam systems, based on solutions with proven paybacks, to reduce the

     operating costs of customers facilities